Real Feel Photos: Guitar Session

Its always a blast recording guitars at the studio! Check out some recent photos of one of our newest clients.

Real Feel Artists – Skylim

The debut music video for the rock band Skylim is here! Kill My Dreams is the lead single for Skylim’s upcoming project. The lead guitarist in this group is our very own head engineer, Will Snyder. The visuals for this music video is definitely an eye pleaser. Check out the music video below and share it amongst your friends!

Captured and edited by Chamber Photography – Moments Chamber

Real Feel Photos: Band Session

Just another day in the office at Real Feel! Check out photos from one our sessions recording drums and guitars

How music can change the mood of movies

If you haven’t realize how much of an impact music on movies, then this will truly open your eyes. No matter what scene is being displayed, music can change the mood of the scene. A funny scene could turn into a serious scene; at the same time, a serious scene could turn into a comical one depending on the music. Take a look below for an example. Very interesting!

Real Feel Artist REB releases his new single, “What I’m Looking For”

We had the pleasure of tracking soulful R&B artist REB’s new album at our studio over the last year. Earlier this month, he released a brand new single, recorded and produced here at our studio by Will Snyder and Antoine Hart. His upcoming self-titled release is on the way soon – in the meantime, check out the video for his single, “What I’m Looking For”


Real Feel Artist – Ken Nai debuts Table of Contents Series

Over the past year, we had a pleasure working with a talented artist named Ken Nai. Today, he debuts his brand new website and a brand new video series titled, “Table of Contents”. The topic of discussion and the quality makes this video a must see. Background music is by Rhythm Instrumental and visuals by Chamber Photography – Moments Chamber. Check out Table of Contents: Serious Delivery below!


Akai announces the new MPC Touch

The new MPC touch

Akai is known for the legendary MPC products. Their latest MPC is definitely eye candy. This week Akai announced the brand new MPC Touch. Of course this MPC includes their signature pads and q-links, but one of the newest features that makes this MPC different from the rest is the innovative 7 inch touch screen. The touch screen can be use to manipulate wave forms, automate effects, draw/edit midi and many more features. The MPC Touch also includes a revamp version of the MPC Software. This seems to be one of the many products Akai will be coming out with.

Many people were hoping for a standalone MPC that doesn’t need a computer to operate, but Akai teases use at the end of their promo video, stating “This is only the beginning”. Maybe a standalone version of this will be coming as well. Either way, this product looks pretty awesome!