Real Feel Artist – Ken Nai debuts Table of Contents Series

Over the past year, we had a pleasure working with a talented artist named Ken Nai. Today, he debuts his brand new website and a brand new video series titled, “Table of Contents”. The topic of discussion and the quality makes this video a must see. Background music is by Rhythm Instrumental and visuals by Chamber Photography – Moments Chamber. Check out Table of Contents: Serious Delivery below!


Akai announces the new MPC Touch

The new MPC touch

Akai is known for the legendary MPC products. Their latest MPC is definitely eye candy. This week Akai announced the brand new MPC Touch. Of course this MPC includes their signature pads and q-links, but one of the newest features that makes this MPC different from the rest is the innovative 7 inch touch screen. The touch screen can be use to manipulate wave forms, automate effects, draw/edit midi and many more features. The MPC Touch also includes a revamp version of the MPC Software. This seems to be one of the many products Akai will be coming out with.

Many people were hoping for a standalone MPC that doesn’t need a computer to operate, but Akai teases use at the end of their promo video, stating “This is only the beginning”. Maybe a standalone version of this will be coming as well. Either way, this product looks pretty awesome!

Sarama- Muay Thai fight music

We all know music has probably one of the greatest influences in the world. But did you know that music also has an effect in the fighting world? In Muay Thai, a combat sport/martial art from Thailand, music has a big impact during a fight. The music that is played during a Muay Thai fight is called the “sarama”. Outside of the ring, musicians play traditional instruments such as  Klong Kaak(drums), Javanese Clarinet  and other small percussion that often dictates the pace of the fight.

As the round starts off, the musicians often in a slow pace. At the same time, fighters usually take their time to feel out their opponent(meaning observing the level of skill). As each round goes by, the music becomes faster and more aggressive. Also at the same time, the fighters pick up the pace as well and action intensifies. Sometimes, the fight may start of in a fast pace; it varies from fight to fight. Check out some of the examples below

Pokemon + Metal Drums = Epic!

If you have ever played the Pokemon game on Gameboy, then you’ll probably recognize this intense battle song. Only this time, it has been remixed with metal drums! It makes the song feels even more intense.

Vintage synthesizers making a comeback- Roland Boutique

For the past 40 years, Roland has been known as one of the most prominent electronic musical instrument companies. A few of their most famous products includes the TR-808 Drum Machine , Fantom and many world renown synthesizers. In recent times, Roland has be revamping some of their classic toys into a modern version; classics including the new Tr-8 Drum Machine(modeled after the Tr-808 and The System-1 Plug out Synth( modeled after the SH-101). Roland are now bringing back more classic synthesizers.

The Roland Boutique consist of remodeled classic synths such as Jupiter 8, Juno 106 and JX-3P, into the modern versions called JP-08, JU-06 and JX-03.  These synths come as modules, but an optional keyboard can be  bought as well that can be attached to the module. Roland hasn’t said much yet on these products, but a leaked online on these products has a lot synthesizer lovers happy!



The world’s LARGEST drum kit!

This is pretty amazing! Meet Dr. Mark Temperato; the man who created this MONSTER drum kit.

When Dr. Mark Temperato got confirmation that his set was in fact officially the world’s largest drum set, it only had 340 pieces. That was in October of 2011. Since then, he has been meticulously added a lot more pieces to it. Now it has 813 pieces, and he’s stopping for now. His birthday is on August 13, so he thought 813 would be a good place to take a break. It would take quite a few drum lessons from take lessons to learn how to navigate a drum kit like that! He plans to hit 1,000 pieces before it’s all said and done.

You might wonder how long it took him to build this…it took him 36 years! Keep in mind, he’s not finished yet. It’s obviously become a life long passion of his. It takes him a whole hour to hit each piece (he has a custom chair that’s extra high so he can reach each one). It takes 4 people 15 hours to put it all together. You can watch the video below to learn more about this incredible feat.

What’s the purpose of building the world’s largest drum set? Mark is a minister at the Breath of Worship Church in Lakeville, New York. He uses his drum set to attract attention and spread the word of God in a unique way. Even though he’s just an amateur musician, something tells me he has built a huge following. Congratulations Mark!