Chris Scalco – Circles #featurefriday


I Am Genuinely Curious If You Know Whose 1 Minute and 30 Seconds Song is Going to Have You in Circles?

If you haven’t heard of Chris Scalco, you haven’t lived!!

He released his 2nd 2021 single Circles this past August.

Circles has garnered thousands of streams since its debut.

That’s just on Spotify!

Of course, the Real Feel Team jumped on the project via post-production.

Another amazing memory to add to our books

If you have not heard Circles yet, check out the video below!

SaifLove – Toxic ft. Caskey #featurefriday


Quiz: Are you TOXIC?

SaifLove’s new song Toxic featuring Caskey is making its way to the masses with over 150k streams since its release.

From the infectious chorus…

To the fast-paced beat…

Toxic easily will be the song that lives in your head rent-free.

The single touches on SaifLove’s toxic habits and how they affected him and the people that surround him.

Giving an inside look behind his struggle between what’s right and temptation.

We are honored to be a part of such a 2021 banger and look forward to what SaifLove has in store for us for the rest of the year!

To have your eardrums blessed go ahead and click the link in our bio to listen to TOXIC!


Talii – Pointless Numbers #featurefriday


Inside the mind of Talii

It’s no secret that 2020 took a mental toll on a lot of us.

Aside from the fear induced by news stations…

Isolation brought a wave of mental health issues as well.

Depression being the leader of the pack.

And Orlando’s very own Talii is no stranger to the pain of depression and isolation.

In her new song, Pointless Numbers, she describes her battle with depression and the feeling of not having anyone to turn to.

“I can’t find my phone. Even if I did, there’s no one I think I would call. What’s the point of all these numbers?”

When we were working with her on her track, Pointless Numbers, she made it a point to have the energy of the room match the energy of the song.

So everyone in the room sank into this moody, somber vibe.

Getting connected with those emotions that most of us try our best to avoid.

And out of that experience, we recorded this stunning record.

Wanna take a listen? Go check it out on Spotify or check out the video below!