Let You Love Me | In-Studio Rita Ora Cover by Kayla Melissa Lopez

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Check out this brand new video we created of Rita Ora’s brand new song, Let You Love Me. Our good friend the talented Kayla Melissa Lopez killed this song, with production by Phil Mango, tracking/mixing/mastering by Stephanie Rendell and video by Nick Palmer.  Read more

NEW GEAR ALERT: Genelec 1032A Monitors


We are thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired a pair of Genelec 1032 Two-Way Active Studio Monitors. Arguably some of the best nearfield monitors ever made,  not only do these bad boys sound so true, and SO incredible, they have a long and storied history as one of the most widely used and reputable monitors ever. These bad boys are huge, full-range monitors that provide an insanely clean and level representation of your mixes – letting the errors stick right out so you can fix them.

  • Their predecessor, the 1031A was chosen in the “Best Gear of the 90’s” by Pro Audio Review
  • In Kanye West’s rider he specifically requests a single Genelec in his hotel room everywhere he goes to work on music with.

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