Brand new Kirkland Jaxon album, “My Destino”

“My Destino”, an album by young Orlando artist Kirkland Jaxon, (@kirklandjaxon) just dropped today, 11/20/2020. Beginning production on the first songs for the project back in 2017 with our very own producer Phil Mango and engineer Stephanie Rendell, you can hear Jackson exploring different genres and express his world views and experiences through anecdotes, wordplay, and powerful imagery.

Growing up playing in a Mariachi band, Jackson connects with his musical roots with songs like “Diablo” and “El Jefe” infusing classic Mariachi samples into a modern hip hop flow.

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Reggae in 60 seconds: “Midnight Dub” by Phil ‘Mango’ Kavuma

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‘Midnight Dub’ is a fascinating reggae track composed by the multi-talented Phil Mango Kavuma. If you have watched some of the other videos of Real Feel Recording, like Kayla Lopez’s ‘Let You Love Me” cover, you probably know Phil Mango Kavuma. 

This time, the bassist from Orlando, Florida, showcases his reggae production style in-depth by singling out each track of a song and showing how each individual layer comes together to make a whole piece of music. 

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Local Feels | Episode 1 | Crenshaw

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The first episode of our brand new video series, “Local Feels” is now up!

In the first episode, we’re visited in Studio A by the phenomenally talented husband and wife duo, Crenshaw as they do an intimate live performance of their song, Rose. We had a blast capturing this and you’ll love listening.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more episodes coming soon!

NEW GEAR ALERT: Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Microphone Modeling System

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Our mic locker just got a LOT bigger…

Since the start of Real Feel, we’ve always aspired to have a great mic collection. Each year we get new mics so that we’re always growing and improving our sound. But some of the best vocal microphones – like the $10,000 Sony C8000B –  always seemed a little bit out of our reach. 

But with our new toy, the Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Microphone Modeling System, we’re now able to flawlessly recreate the legendary sound of that and 9 other incredible microphones. Before now, mic modelling had large a lot of limitations due to an inability to capture the true sound field – but with the new dual capsule technology, this bad boy doesn’t skip a beat. Not to mention we can change the microphone AFTER we record. Wanna switch through mics to see which one sounds the best without having to take out 10 mics? We’ve got you.

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Let You Love Me | In-Studio Rita Ora Cover by Kayla Melissa Lopez

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Check out this brand new video we created of Rita Ora’s brand new song, Let You Love Me. Our good friend the talented Kayla Melissa Lopez killed this song, with production by Phil Mango, tracking/mixing/mastering by Stephanie Rendell and video by Nick Palmer.  Read more

NEW GEAR ALERT: Genelec 1032A Monitors


We are thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired a pair of Genelec 1032 Two-Way Active Studio Monitors. Arguably some of the best nearfield monitors ever made,  not only do these bad boys sound so true, and SO incredible, they have a long and storied history as one of the most widely used and reputable monitors ever. These bad boys are huge, full-range monitors that provide an insanely clean and level representation of your mixes – letting the errors stick right out so you can fix them.

  • Their predecessor, the 1031A was chosen in the “Best Gear of the 90’s” by Pro Audio Review
  • In Kanye West’s rider he specifically requests a single Genelec in his hotel room everywhere he goes to work on music with.

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