Reggae in 60 seconds: “Midnight Dub” by Phil ‘Mango’ Kavuma

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‘Midnight Dub’ is a fascinating reggae track composed by the multi-talented Phil Mango Kavuma. If you have watched some of the other videos of Real Feel Recording, like Kayla Lopez’s ‘Let You Love Me” cover, you probably know Phil Mango Kavuma. 

This time, the bassist from Orlando, Florida, showcases his reggae production style in-depth by singling out each track of a song and showing how each individual layer comes together to make a whole piece of music. 

Phil is not only a musician but also the head producer here at Real Feel Recording, Orlando. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. His forte includes playing multiple instruments like Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, all of which he used in composing this reggae track that he created in house at Real Feel Recording studio in Casselberry, Florida. 

If you look closely, in this video, there are six different colors, green, yellow, red, orange, blue, and pink. Each of these colors represents the different instruments that Phil uses in this reggae track.

Phil Mango used Logic Pro and the beautiful sounds of Native Instruments KOMPLETE to create this track, using plugins like Alicia’s Keys piano, Vintage Organs, Massive, and Abbey Road 70’s drummer.

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